Client Portfolio

I highly recommend courses presented by Lennox Graham. He is a much sought-after speaker in his own right. His sessions are motivational and helpful and he makes sure that his audience is interactive. For this reason his classes are well received as well as educational. No one leaves his presentations unchanged!

Testimonials from our client portfolio:

I have attended many human relations workshops; but for the first time I heard concepts that I could apply to my work situation and make a difference. Dr. Graham's workshops are lively and exciting and at the end of the day you are better for having gone to them. These workshops have my highest recommendation.

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Dr. Lennox Graham on an Interactive Video production that was made accessible to 65,000 employees nationwide. Even though it was a few years ago, people are still commenting on his wonderful delivery and knowledge of presentations. I highly recommend him for any future training endeavors.

I wanted a workshop that would boost the morale of the officers in my church. Dr. Graham’s workshop was recommended to me. This was the best decision I could ever have made; the concepts that were thought serve to build a bridge between and among my officers. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Graham.

I was very impressed with the manner in which Dr. Lennox Graham conducted his Self-Empowerment workshop. He took difficult subjects and made them simple. Even today I still remember the principles of his workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop to any company or church that is interested in building a synergistic organization.